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Call me CJ!  Most everyone does.                                                  

            Thanks so much for taking a gander through my website!  There is bio/resume info available, if you're interested.  There are Press Releases of past works I have been involved in, if you want to read themThere are pictures of shows I've done and people I've worked with, for your entertainment.  There are NEWS postings about upcoming adventures...and there's a big one right now so give it a look. Go on, click the link. Enjoy!!

THE LATEST!! -  I am 2/3 way through my 3 year program at Penn State University studying Vocal Pedagogy for Musical Theatre.  One more year to go!  It also happens to include Classical Pedagogy.  Occasionally I even sing art songs and arias...even in other languages.  WHAAAT??!!  But I'm enjoying my immersion in opera-land and being opened to new ideas and challenges, including my recent debut as Mimi in La Boheme.  "If you're not nervous, you're not growing."  So I try to be nervous at least once a week.  And I've managed to add on an MM of Classical Pedagogy and Performance.  Yes...as my friend Eric used to remind me...I am a music nut. 

I am teaching again!  Whether its vocal technique lessons, audition cuts and/or song coachings or even Masterclasses for your students, gimme a shout! (or an email, shouting is hard on the voice).  
I love it and keep my rates extremely reasonable.  Are you new to the industry?  New to NYC?  Have a bazillion questions and just want someone to chat with?   I'm open to that, so again...feel free to contact me and I'll help however I can.   Check out my 'Audition Coachings' page.

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