Voice Lessons, Masterclasses, Workshops, & Audition Coachings

Welcome!  How can I help your career move forward?  

If you are looking for vocal technique instruction - I can help you.  If you are wanting further awareness of your body's movement during performance - I can help you.  Need help approaching your singing material as an actor (both classical and MT!)? - I can help you.  Want to put an audition book together? - yep, we can do that too.  And if you are just looking for career guidance or inspiration, I'm really good at that, and kind of love it. =) 

This may make me sound like a "jack of all trades," which I am not. I have 20 years of professional performance experience along with specific training and certifications in several areas all contributing to the skill sets needed as a vocal performer in the 21st century - Voice/Speech, Movement, Acting, Vocal Technique (Classical, MT, CCM), and "Biz of the Biz."

If what you need is personalized attention in several of these areas, I am a Musical Theatre Performance Consultant; I focus on the whole package...the things you most need to get rolling and also the things that will help you grow.   We can work on vocal technique (specifying the difference between healthy training/techniques used in classical vs. musical theatre vocal production), help create your audition book, coach your song - both the musical and acting aspects, cut your audition music, and teach audition etiquette and business expectations.  We can look at what you are doing now that's not working, and identify what you are NOT doing yet, to up your game.  When you need something that I believe someone else is better qualified to teach you, I will put you in contact with my fabulous colleagues who will join your 'team' to assist you. 

A couple of brief testimonials...

"...if you’re looking for someone who is knowledgeable, who teaches with compassion and HONESTY, look no further. CJ is a coach, a guidance counselor, a mentor, a confidante,  a musician, a transcriber, an actor, a comedian and a friend rolled into one. She will be invaluable to your career. She has been for mine."

~Don Kenneth Mason - Portland Theatre, Oregon. 

"I have been working with CJ since June of this year and her guidance, support, encouragement, and honesty have become invaluable to me. Her vast knowledge of the business, her wealth of knowledge in material, and her astounding creativity helped our student-teacher relationship to instill in me a great deal of confidence when I walk into an audition room. She knows exactly how to communicate with an actor to not only get beyond a simple 16 bar cut, but get beyond the text and help each actor access their own set of tools to create a unique and successful package. Not only did she help me re-tool my book with fantastic song choices and exciting cuts, she has guided me through this audition season as a mentor, fellow actor and friend. It is because of CJ that I have booked my last three gigs and I can't wait to work with her again! If you're looking for a great audition coach, CJ is your best bet!!!"

~ Brad Bong - Doody in "Grease" at Casa Manana Theatre, Ft. Worth, Texas; OWAN, Norwegian Cruise Line Guest Entertainer.

My Curriculum/Syllabus/Synopsis

Let’s take a look at YOU.  Who you are, right now, and how/where you fit into this crazy industry, specifically musical theatre.  Are you an ingénue?  Leading lady?  Leading man?  Rock tenor?  Character actor?  The best friend?  Ensemble/Understudy dancer/singer?  There are many factors in determining how/where you fit into the industry; age, height, weight, personality, vocal style/strengths, and more.  You might be able to sing the most beautiful version of “If I loved you”, but if you have pink hair and a nose ring, you’re probably not going to get cast as Julie Jordan in Carousel ( unless it is a very 'outside-the-box' production, which would be AMAZING!), but you SHOULD be auditioning for Rent and American Idiot!  Regardless, this is where we start.  We sing a few songs so I can get an idea of your voice, styles, and technique.  We talk about audition songs you have used in the past (if none, that’s okay too…I’ll get you started) and about some of your favorite songs to sing.  We look for good CUTS of music for the various auditions you will encounter, put them in the right key for your voice (when appropriate), and get several rolling for you right away.  We tweak your resume, review your headshots, spend time discussing other people in the industry you are similar to in look/voice/personality/style and we study them.  After you are up and running for auditions, then we look at acting, vocal technique, audition etiquette...not necessarily in that order.  It always varies, depending on the person and their unique skill sets.  Let's get a book ready that represents the best version of YOU.  My job is to guide you, and then hold you accountable for the work.  And we do it together, as a team. 

The Details

Email for rates and scheduling.

If you are not local to Reno but are interested in chatting about the industry, working on song materials, vocal technique, etc, we can arrange a SKYPE session.   I do these frequently with students around the country and in multiple time zones.   


I have recently begun giving masterclasses and workshops of varying lengths and topics related to musical theatre vocal technique, audition technique, approaching new material, and integrating methodologies into one full bodied instrument -  the beginnings of research I am currently calling "Embodying Performance" - an interweaving lab experience of voice, speech, movement and acting methodologies that helps performers smoothly transition from technique and foundation building work, to fully embodied performer.  It is also a wonderful and freeing brush-up for current professionals seeking to reinvigorate their passion for story-telling and work their audition/performance materials through a new lens.  I recently presented these workshops at CAP 21 and Boston Conservatory, and I am heading to Sul Ross State University and Winthrop University this spring, 2020.  I offer your students a perspective they may not have experienced yet! 

Here are a few Testimonials:

"I'm writing to express to you how grateful I am for the opportunity to work with CJ Greer this past weekend. [We] had the chance to observe a master class with CJ and then that same night I got to see her put her teachings to practice in her performance. The following day, I was able to explore her approach to the work for myself in a workshop setting. It was very informative for me, and a great way to start the new year with a fresh perspective on how to approach/integrate the work I'm doing at the conservatory." 

- Michael Gaudio, Boston Conservatory

"The Masterclasses were absolutely amazing. CJ's level of mastery as a performer, technician, and teacher was unparalleled to anyone who has given a Masterclass for musical theatre students at BoCo in the year I have been a student. The experience provided me with knowledge that is extremely valuable and applicable to all areas of study as a musical theatre student... I don't think I could praise her highly enough, and [we] have been talking non-stop about what an incredible experience it was to have her teach us and then for us to watch her synthesize that information and put it into practice in performance. We loved it!" 

- Lillie Reising, Boston Conservatory

So now what?

Take ownership of your career. 

Contact me: cjgstudio@gmail.com

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