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 Call me CJ!  Most everyone does.                                                   
And now I've officially changed my AEA name to CJ Greer...it accommodates my married name and the fact that people have been calling me CJ for 20 years!

            Thanks so much for taking a gander through my website!  There is bio/resume info available, if you're interested.  There are Press Releases of past works I have performed in, if you want to read themThere are pictures of shows I've done and people I've worked with, for your entertainment.  There are NEWS postings about upcoming adventures...and there's a big one right now so give it a look. Enjoy!!

THE LATEST!! -  With MFA and MM in hand (Classical and Musical Theatre Vocal Performance and Pedagogy) from "Dear Old State" (WE ARE!) I have now joined the faculty at the University of Nevada in Reno as their new voice and musical theatre professor. WOOT!  And we are building a BFA MUSICAL THEATRE PROGRAM, the first in the state of Nevada.  Double WOOT! And there is SO much more going on here!  I am thrilled to be with wonderful colleagues who are open-minded, think outside the box and are interested in growth and innovation.  Plus I am surrounded by mountains with Lake Tahoe only 45 minutes away.  Its a perfect storm for me.  TRIPLE WOOT!!  Yes...as my friend Eric used to remind me...I am a music nut. 

Additionally, my private studio is thriving, offering private and group v
oice lessons for Classical, Musical Theatre, and CCM (contemporary styles) vocalists.  Whether it is vocal technique lessons, audition cuts, song coaching, or even Masterclasses for your students, please reach out!  I love it.  Teaching, singing, and teaching singing is my greatest joy.  If you are here in Reno, or neighboring towns, we can meet in person.  I also offer Skype lessons, for those of my students who are far away and teach in multiple time zones across the US.  I will (eventually) be making trips to Sacramento and San Francisco, for both my education, and yours.  If you are in these areas and are interested in voice lessons, let's please connect!   I'm open helping however I can.  Check out my 'Voice Lessons & Audition Coachings' page.

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