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Audition Season wrap-up & Grad School!

posted May 8, 2013, 4:19 AM by Carrie Johnson
AUDITION SEASON is over and what a whirlwind it was!  Many mornings up early enough to be on a 7am train, to stand in line in the bitter cold (this winter I bought an AWESOME-ly warm winter coat with a fuzzy hood that saved me), to get the appointment times needed in order to fit 4 auditions in that day while carrying my back pack and an extra large bag full of 3 outfit changes, 2 pairs of shoes, a curling iron and makeup bag, and you can't forget the mini deodorant that keeps you fresh all day long!  Along with audition season I sang in two cabaret series events, organized/produced a reading of a new musical written by friends, bought a digital piano for practice purposes, began teaching beginner piano lessons on said piano, attended several readings of new plays, injured and rehabbed my ankle, continued working with my amazing students, took classes with several casting directors, applied to a Graduate MFA program and spent whatever time was leftover with my husband and brown dog snuggling on the couch at home.  My husband loves to tell me about my run on sentences.  Well, there's two REALLY long ones, honey!  Its been a long, and extremely productive, several months and I wouldn't change it for the world. 

And now, I'm thrilled to say I've been accepted to that graduate program!!  I will be attending Penn State University in the fall for a 3 year Master of Fine Arts degree in Vocal Pedagogy/Musical Theatre.  Its an exciting time!!  And now I have to put my butt in gear again as we prepare to move.  But don't worry, NYC...I'll be back, with my best Arnold impersonation and a basketful of new skill sets to bring to the audition room and to my students.