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posted Aug 18, 2012, 12:50 PM by Carrie Johnson
The first time I was offered my Equity card it was to play Sandy in Grease.  That was at a little theatre in Denver which, sadly, is no longer there.  I didn't end up playing the role.  Instead, I got strep throat, it progressed into my inner ear and I had Vertigo for the first two days of rehearsal.  SOOOO...they replaced me.  At the time I didn't even know they could (or WOULD!) do that!  And actually, maybe they couldn't have and just took advantage of a new, young & naive almost-union member.  But either way, I didn't get to play Sandy.  Ever. 

And so instead, (mmmppphhhh) years later, I'll be playing Rizzo.  RIZZO!!  Looking forward to my first experience at Rydell High, at the Casa Manana Theatre in Ft. Worth, Texas.  If you know people down there who'd like to come, don't hesitate to email me.  I'll do what I can.  www.casamanana.org

OOOHHH!!  I get to play the Bad Girl!!  FUN!!!