“Mamma Mia” – As 'Donna', Casa Manana Theatre, Ft. Worth, Texas

"CJ Greer's stellar performance is perfectly punctuated with a poignant and soulful take on "The Winner Takes it All," which is arguably the highlight of the act."

"CJ Greer has some lovely moments as Donna, particularly towards the latter half of the show. Her back-to-back renditions of the tender “Slipping Through My Fingers,” sung as she helps Sophie dress for the wedding, and the bitter, bombastic “The Winner Takes It All,” sung to an old lover who spurned her, showcase both her emotional range as an actress as well as her vocal range."

“Annie” – Olney Theatre Center, MD - Helen Hayes Nomination "Outstanding Lead Actress"

"In the small but key role of Grace Farrell, Carrie A. Johnson zeroes in on the essence of her character who’s both the crisply efficient administrative assistant of America’s richest man and a warm-hearted do-gooder at the same time with a dash of “mom” thrown in."   -  Terry Ponick,

"Carrie A. Johnson is all class as Warbucks' secretary, Grace Farrell."   -   Susan Berlin,

"Carrie A. Johnson’s as classy, sweet Grace Farrell gave a spot on performance accompanied by strong, beautiful vocals and harmonies."   -    Jennifer Gusso,

”As Grace Farrell, Carrie A. Johnson is brittle, proper, understated, but radiates more than enough good to overcome Miss Hannigan’s triumvirate of evil. Ms. Johnson doesn’t get a lot of vocals in the show, but her silvery soprano is always on target when she gets a chance to shine.”   -    Terry Ponick, Washington Times

The Happy Time” – Signature Theatre, Arlington, VA - Helen Hayes Nomination "Outstanding Supporting Actress"

Carrie A. Johnson…combines grace with toughness as Laurie, the hometown girl he left behind.” - Michael Toscano, Theatre Mania

“Carrie A. Johnson is as delicate as a flower and as strong as an oak tree as Jacques’ love interest…Ms. Johnson plays all of the angles of her character with a charm and femininity that is intoxicating; we are as smitten with her as Jacques and her young pupils are.  She has a lovely, easy soprano and the chemistry between her and her co-star is tangible.  When they at last share a kiss, it is both cathartic and amazingly romantic.” – James Howard,

“Jacques’ love interest Laurie is played by Carrie A. Johnson, whose warm soprano is a complete pleasure.  She does great justice to “Seeing Things,” “I Don’t Remember You” and “Please Stay,” all of which remind us that Kander is one of the great melodist’s of the post-60’s composers.” – Richard Seff,

“Ragtime” – As 'Mother', Kennedy Center, Washington DC

”Carrie A. Johnson’s ‘Back To Before’ was so powerful and emotional that they could have ended the show right there.” -  Kennedy Center, “RAGTIME”

“Chess” – North Carolina Theatre, Raleigh, NC

“Carrie A. Johnson carries the show as the vulnerable but feisty Florence…Johnson’s beautiful voice makes her big numbers – “Someone Else’s Story”, “Heaven Help My Heart” and “I Know Him So Well” – worth the ticket price alone.”   - Roy C. Dicks,